Hiya, I'm Axie (she/they)!

You can call me Axie or Katie, either is fine! I'm an artist from Pennsylvania where I live with my cat Shay, axolotl Pretzel, and all my various bugs (I love critters!). I’ve been drawing basically since I could hold a pencil. Doing something with my hands helps me focus and I think I always knew I would work in a creative field.  I got my start back on Neopets, drawing their cute colorful characters, and I've never looked back!

I have a BFA in Illustration and worked briefly in the toy industry. I found that I experienced the most joy when I got to make art not for a big company, but for individual people. There’s something so personal about creating work for someone and tailoring it to their specific vision.

I’m just a small artist trying to make a difference in her little corner of the internet, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been while doing it.


Why Steve and Pals?

Steve and Pals was conceptualized in 2020 as a way for me to relax while creating art during a hard time. I designed Steve the Axolotl in a simple style that was quick to produce and made me feel accomplished even when I only had motivation for an hour of drawing. I eventually designed his friend Blue the hermit crab, and then added his other friends along the way!

Over time, I realized how much of an impact these cute little characters had on other people. In a world that's so full of struggle and sadness, I want to do my best to uplift those who need it and be a light in the dark. So if you need a little extra support, or just need a break, Steve and his animal pals have your back! ♥ 


Why Axolotls?

I've always loved aquatic life. My favorite places to visit were aquariums and zoos. I grew up around my dad's various hobby tanks with crabs, ants, and shrimp. When I discovered axolotls, I was obsessed.

Axolotls are incredible creatures, having the ability to regenerate limbs and even parts of their spine and brain! Despite being endangered in the wild, they are thriving in captivity both for cancer research and as pets! Plus... how can you not smile at their sweet little faces?

My axolotl Steve was with me through everything. He passed away in 2022. Steve and Pals honors his memory and I hope it brings others as much joy as he brought me.


Wait the Pals are real animals?

Yep! Each Pal is based on an pet I have owned at some point in my life! 


 Fun Facts  

I drive a green Volkswagon Beetle! It was my dream car, and I've spent years working on restoring it! It's a 2003 but you'd never be able to tell, and I'm very proud of the work I've put into it!

I have a huge collection of Wooper and Quagsire merchandise! I've worked very hard to collect as much of their merch as possible and have curated it into a website where you can view all of it!

I keep lots of terrariums full of various insects! I have Ivory, Flameleg, and Giant American millipedes, as well as Clown, Lava, Rubber Ducky, Zebra, and Pancake isopods! They're great fun to watch go around their little lives.


Thank you for being here and for being you ♥